Meet the Director

Patty Nuñez

Director, Flower Mound Campus

Patty is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico City. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana. After more than 15 years of international business experience, she relocated to the DFW area, and joined Spanish Schoolhouse as a teacher. Patty fell in love with the school and decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the educational field. She has been the co-owner and School Director of Spanish Schoolhouse Flower Mound since 2010.

Patty loves working with young children and cultivating an appreciation for bilingualism from an early age. She’s proud that she can combine her passion for teaching with the privilege of sharing her language and culture. It’s a fulfilling career as she knows her students are gaining cognitive and academic advantages that will last a lifetime.

Q & A with Patty

What is your personal teaching philosophy?

I believe we are all family at Spanish Schoolhouse. We each contribute to the teaching process with our different experiences, personalities, talents, and interests.  I believe that children learn best in a loving and supportive environment.  Teachers work to create that environment by recognizing the needs and learning styles of each child, setting clear expectations and boundaries, teaching respect for each other, and showing love and empathy.

How did you get involved in immersion learning?

As a Mexican family raising a young daughter in the U.S., we realized that for her to become bilingual, she needed more exposure to Spanish than just speaking it at home.  She started her Spanish education at SSH at age three and it made a big difference!  She felt more confident using her Spanish skills since she was learning and practicing Spanish while having lots of fun! I was soon invited to participate as a teacher and fell in love with the children and the program.  It gave me great satisfaction to see my students using words in Spanish and communicating their needs and thoughts, too.  It was the icing on the cake that I was sharing my traditions and culture in such a fun environment!

What are your goals as the leader of the school?

My highest priorities are providing a safe, loving, and welcoming environment for our students, staff, and families and fostering a love for the Spanish  language and culture.  Each day at school is a journey – My passion for sharing my language and culture is an invitation to our families and staff to join me on the trip!