Flower Mound Preschool Programs

Flower Mound Texas Spanish Preschool

Immersion Preschool Flower Mound

Spanish Immersion means that your child will be immersed in (surrounded by) the Spanish language during his / her preschool day. He / she will experience all the joys of "regular" preschool -just all in Spanish! Our unique Spanish language immersion program strives for academic excellence in education while giving children the invaluable skill of comprehension and use of the Spanish language.

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Kindergarten Programs


Our unique Kindergarten program is taught three days per week in Spanish and two days in English. Our curriculum was created by certified teachers and follows the guidelines and goals of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) so our graduating students are prepared for first grade. This program is designed to give children the skills needed for higher education while they continue to acquire and use the Spanish language.

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After School Programs

After School on the Flower Mound Spanish Schoolhouse Campus

After school classes at Spanish Schoolhouse campuses are for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. The goal of this program is to foster the love of the Spanish language in your child while at the same time work on vocabulary, pronunciation and whole language skills. Our program is designed to be interactive and captivating for your child. Studies show the more senses used when studying a subject, the greater the absorption of the material. Therefore, we will be playing games, listening to music, participating in hands on activities and working on basic Spanish language skills. Our goal is to give your child a love for the Spanish language as well as a strong base to grow on.

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Flower Mound Texas Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Give your child a fun and interactive cultural experience without leaving town! Our camps will immerse your child in the Spanish language and culture. Activities include crafts, games, music and fun...all in the Spanish language, of course!

Each camp session is based on a theme, so your child can attend all the camps and get a different experience at each. Camps are two weeks long with full-time or part-time attendance.

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Spanish Story Time

Join us for Spanish Story Time at Barnes & Noble (Highland Village) – Wednesdays from 10:30-11:00 am for a fun and interactive experience! Activities include music, crafts and of course reading time… all in the Spanish language. Enjoy this weekly experience at no cost to you!!


"Everyone fosters an environment which is very warm and loving each day. We love that many of the programs are music based."